Music Producer For All Media

Nicole Dionne has shined for many years as one of media’s top-level and most successful music producers.  From producing all of the music for a 35 million dollar re-branding advertising campaign to award-winning films, creating 72 deliverables for TV Station ID tags and creating hit songs for our favorite TV shows & so much more.

Dionne produces songs with music’s hot recording artists and bands.  The songs are original for the media content, film/TV/advertising, yet the beauty is that they sound like hit songs that could have been licensed.

As well, Dionne produces original and award-winning scores and tracks that brilliantly carry the visuals and message for film, TV & advertising.

She has incredible connection to artists, music and visuals, which brings her to a whole new level of finding music that enhances all media -whether with today’s hit songs or finding that hidden new gem of an artist & song.

Nicole collaborates in creating and producing events with musical guests, she works on tying artists into promotional media & functions, orchestrates live performance guidance for artists being filmed on camera & anything music & media.