I was to and a of ‘s version of the hit song, “It Had To Be You”, for a really fun client of mine. I decided to record and my clients loved the idea -with his raspy and killer voice, I knew it would be. After seeing Marc play live at the one night to a sold-out audience in, I was not surprised that he hit all new emotional and vocal heights with his of this. Of course for the of the vocals and recording, I wanted Marc to feel at home, so I flew out to New Orleans to record Marc in an old -turned-recording-studio. I’ll go where the music takes me and this took me to some incredible places. My clients came along, and it was a blast. Marc is a huge talent and great guy… there are moments I’ll never forget while we were recording…. listening to him a new song of his on the and as well being in the car with him as he was practicing “A Song For You” by for a event for in that he was doing. Marc was born with an in music, and it was a to bring that to my clients with this hit song and music for their

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