True story… I was working on this beautiful campaign showing an infant and her mother spending time alone in their house… and the music we composed was absolutely beautiful AND called for a female vocal. For the live session with my clients, I hired a singer, who’s songs I had heard on the radio, etc. I loved her voice. The catch, she couldn’t sing the notes nor stay on key with a tune anyone else wrote for her. So, with clients in the studio, time flying by, take after take, not even the best tone assistant tools could help. My engineer looks at me and says, “Nicole, you are going to have to do it. I hear you sing all of the time, you have to do it, we are running out of time.” Horrified and completely not wanting to be in that roll, I did what I needed to do for the project and for my clients, and sang for the campaign. Everyone seemed thoroughly entertained except for me! It aired the following week Songs & Music to picture with my Team

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